Mental Model Club

The Mental Model Club app trains your brain to automatically use the most useful mental models when you need them. The app is available exclusively for members of the Mental Model Club. Mockup: Store Presence:


Leveraging technology, we will overcome the frustration and inefficiency faced by home-owners and businesses that engage cleaners. This is a highly scalable business model and the total available market is worldwide. The unique selling point is the Soolah mobile application […]

PVA Trainer

Get in shape with PVA Trainer, a FREE fitness app that keeps you motivated and tracks your results! Signing up with a personal trainer at a gym can be inconvenient and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. PVA […]


refshots® revolutionizes the management of your picture gallery - take photos with your mobile phone or alternatively choose from existing pictures and display them directly in the picture gallery of your own website. You can get an overview of yourself […]

The Obol App

Obol allows you to create messages to be shared after life with your family, friends, personal and professional acquaintances and all other contacts of past and present. Create your own general announcement, or express yourself through personalized text, audio and […]

Our Eyes Only

Private Photo Vault that allows you to keep your private Media safe. It also allows you to securely share your content through shared private folders. Mockup: Store Presence:

The Ride & Ski Card

Save big with the Ride & Ski Card. If a deal is offered, and it is not blacked out, all you have to do is head to the slopes and show the Card to save! No need to book ahead, […]

Master Culinary

We all love Fried food. Crispy fried chicken, French fries, coconut shrimp, chicken Parmesan, spicy hot wings. The list goes on and on… The problem is that it was impossible to get that great, crispy-fried crunch and flavor without frying […]

WestFax Fax from Phone

Send up to 50 fax pages right now for FREE! No credit card required. We’ll give you your own US local area fax number to send AND receive faxes anywhere. Turn your iPhone into a fax machine. You will receive […]